Friday, February 23, 2007

The PC EZ-Bake Oven!?

This was just too funny to keep to myself...

For those of us who are too busy with Email, blogs, and discussion groups to extract ourselves from the computer, help has finally arrived!

It's no joke, ladies and gents...with the advent of the latest handy dandy computer add-on accessory, it is now possible to enjoy all of life's necessities without ever having to step away from your PC!

What, you ask, is this life-changing gadget? Feast your eyes:

This is not a gag! For a mere $29.99 you can experience the wonders of hot baked goods, fresh out of your own PC! The PC EZ-Bake oven fits into a standard drive bay and works off your computer's power supply. Imagine the enticing aroma of chocolate chip cookies swirling around YOUR PC tower while you read the latest witty blog entry! Not just for cakes and cookies, this wonder of wonders also allows you to toast PopTarts, mini pizzas, and other culinary goodlininess.

This latest gadget joins the accessory pantheon necessary for die-hard computer users intent on ne'er straying from their desks again! For maximum convenience, you will also need the following classics:

*"Commode" Chair


*Credit Card (for ordering grocery delivery and other necessities)

*Travel-size toiletry kit and spray bottle of water (for webcam appearances)


*Automatic electrical muscle stimulator

So there you have it! A big thanks to Rida at Draumr Publishing for discovering the PC EZ-Bake Oven, in response to my comment about the wonderful on-board cup holder on my PC that my husband keeps insisting is something called a "CD drive."

If you're wondering where to order this little baby, no needn't leave your chair to do THAT, either! Simply visit ThinkGeek and order right from your commode, er, CHAIR: .

So what do you think should be next? I vote for a PC autowash with blow dryer attachment.