Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Dances With Ghosts

Since my first novel deals with psychic phenomena, I am often asked whether I pulled any of my tale from real life experience. Do I consider myself psychic? Do I believe in ghosts? Does magic exist?

Of course.

Case in point, I'm guest blogging over on blogspot's Raven Vampire Club this week about a ghostly encounter I had on the job about a year ago. Love a good ghost story...or wondering whether they really exist? Then check out my guest blog, detailing one of many 'tales outside the crypt' to which I've been privy over the years.

Ghosts come in different flavors--some are sad; others are vicious. Some are downright mischievous (somehow I get the feeling this will be my lot in the afterlife)...and others are just plain confused. Find out which flavor tailed me around work at: http://ravenvampireclub.blogspot.com/

Happy Hauntings...