Thursday, June 28, 2007

(Forgetting) My Wildest Dreams

Well I went and did it...had an interesting dream last night and woke up thinking, "that will be PERFECT for this week's dream interpretation blog." Then I promptly went and forgot it.

Which brings me to another aspect of using dreams to unlock your subconscious--you have to remember them first. For those of us whose mind is closer to Swiss cheese than a steel trap, a dream journal comes in handy for this purpose.

A dream journal needn't be fancy--a small spiral-bound notebook will do. Keep it at your bedside along with a pen, and get in the habit of writing down at least a Cliff Notes version of your dreams upon waking. Don't brush your teeth, check Email, or anything else before doing so, as important details (or the entire dream) may slip away.

I'd stopped doing this, as my preschooler had taken to using the free pen and paper as her personal art studio. Instead I'd taken to reviewing dreams mentally on waking, committing details to memory. As I'm no longer a spring chicken, this was a sticky wicket at best. Some days I head straight for my writing desk and type up dream inspirations immediately. Too often, however, I get thwarted by vital distractions like my kid's breakfast or watering the plants. So it's back to the journal for me. Think I'll tuck it under the mattress to spare it from my child's Michaelangelo complex.

Now, for those of you who HAVE managed to remember a recurring or unusual dream, don't be shy! Post it here or contact me at for a free interpretation of common symbols!

Until next week, Pleasant Dreams....