Monday, July 16, 2007

"Flights of Fancy" Dreams

I've been so busy editing for Eternal Press and finishing up my twisted fairy tale, Sindarella, that my head hasn't seen the pillow until five a.m. this past week. When my sleep gets that erratic, even my dream life is too tired to make an appearance. So this week, I've decided to talk about a dream just about everyone has had at one time or another: flying.

Aren't dreams like this grand? You're doing this thing or that when suddenly you take off, soaring high in the sky like you could conquer the world. It's freedom, it's magic...and it feels so REAL. Children have them, teenagers have them, and adults of all ages.

So what do flying dreams mean? Generally, when having the above soaring-and-feeling-free dream, it means POWER. You're on top of a situation or experiencing a new freedom in a manner that had been restricted. Your perspective is upbeat and positive in a certain area in life. Perhaps a child has gotten some new privileges at home, or a grownup just received a job promotion with greater benefits. Or, it could mean you have overcome a barrier in your life and have "risen above."

Of course, there ARE flying dreams that are a bit less fun. Some feel fear while flying, or are having trouble staying aloft. Fear suggests that you are struggling with a particular barrier or challenge in life that you are afraid to face, or afraid you cannot overcome. Trouble in flight indicates feeling a lack of control or doubts about a certain situation in your life. If the trouble is due to barriers like trees, this means there are people or barriers blocking your way to success over the situation.

I hope all your flying dreams find you soaring high and carefree!

Meanwhile, what dreams have YOU had lately? Post here or send me a letter and I'll be happy to interpret!

Sweet dreams...