Sunday, October 07, 2007

Haunted Bathrooms and Other Wonders

Ever dream you "gotta go" or are trying to find a bathroom and can't? Bathroom dreams are very common, and not (always) because our subconscious is tryng to tell us that we "gotta" in real life. Someone shared a intriguing twist on the bathroom theme with me a couple of days ago, and I thought it would make an interesting topic for the blog.

Usually, we dream of toilets that are perhaps dirty, overflowing, or publicly exposed. This person, on the other hand, had a rather unique problem in the Little Dreamer's Room--the toilet was haunted. It moved around the bathroom of its own accord like a fiendish apparition--and half of it disappeared. Intrigued, I hit research mode to piece this puzzle together.

Bathroom dreams tends to relate to the need to express feelings, to literally "relieve" ones' self in the emotional sense. Hauntings, on the other hand, indicate early trauma, repressed feelings/memories, or guilt/fear about things we have done. Disappearance, like seeing half the toilet vanish, can indicate a desire to be rid of something.

In talking to the dreamer, a relative's near fatal illness had prompted a trip to their hometown a week prior, where being around family brought to the surface a great many memories of past anxieties and regrets. Thus, this dream seems to indicate that while this person wished to relieve these powerful feelings, they were unable to do so in that setting.

What are YOUR wildest dreams? Post them here for a free interpretation, or contact me privately. Until next time, may all your best dreams come true!