Saturday, July 12, 2008

World Record Wardrobe!!

With a mere four days to go before principal photography on my upcoming commercial, it occurred to me that we're about to set a record--maybe two!

For one thing, I believe this may be the first live action commercial to promote ebook reading in existence. Even more astonishing, however, is the sheer amount of WARDROBE required for one thirty-second spot.

Part of a thousand pre-production preparations for this promo has been selecting, fitting, and test shooting said wardrobe, by which time I was reeling in both shock and exhaustion. There is a rack full of clothing now assembled and waiting for this commercial--FOR ME ALONE.

Why? I will be undergoing an astonishing SIX costume changes--each requiring different makeup, jewelry, hairstyle--and oh yeah, location set. If that weren't enough, my hunky male lead will have three wardrobe overhauls of his own. That's NINE costume changes and six different sets for a thirty-second spot...all of which is being shot in a single day. And here I'm lucky if I can remember to bring a scrub top along when I walk to work in a sports tank.

Surely this is enough to secure a spot in every world record book they can toss at me...or reserved seating in the nut house.

Goes to show that sometimes, turning ones' dreams into reality can be a dodgy prospect. After all, dreams involve instantaneous venue and costume shifts, and never feature the ghastly amounts of time involved to whip my hair and face into a state fit for public consumption, let alone the camera.


Amber said...

You've been moving fast on this dream, Lisa. Soon you'll know why everyone is so tired after shooting a music video. Those usually take 12 - 14 hours to make.

Sophia Danu said...

Wow! How interesting! Congrats on your commercial and good luck with it all!