Monday, November 17, 2008

National Writing Challenge: Week 3

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Warning: Some excerpts may contain adult language and situations.


WINNER:"I don't know what happened the last few months... but when I woke up this morning, I had a bottle of gin in one hand, and an accounting degree in the other."---Written by Hugo_Jawfaln

RUNNERS UP: Mother didn't struggle much when I killed her.--Written by fthsquared

There is nothing more satisfying than playing tic-tac-toe in the margins of the Book of Life.--Written by Xuxilbara

Congrats to all, and Hugo_Jawfaln advances to the finals for the chance at the Starbuck's Gift Card!!

As for me...held a yard sale this morning, sat through the Twilight movie twice, and still not feeling the greatest. But I did manage to write another scene.

Today's total: 1149. To date: 38210

Today's Favorite Line Written: All Evan found himself able to think at present was of the grinding need to be Desiree's sexual CPR kit...and to resuscitate her as many times as she would let him for the rest of the night.

11/21 Called off work, feeling pretty blechy today. Barely managed 1/4 of today's word count.

Today's total: 460. To date: 37061

Today's Favorite Line Written: Some of the words she'd begun to understand, the rest needed no translation--hearing Mak speak his native tongue burned through her like an erotic firestorm.

11/20 Edited Immoral Magic all morning, figuring I'd write late after work...which almost backfired when a headache and flu-like feelings just about sabotaged me for the night. Then my characters had so much to say and do to one another that the muse took over and I got my daily count in--plus some.

Today's total: 2657. To date: 36601

Today's Favorite Line Written: When had Desiree stopped being a mere distraction--just a fiery sexual convenience--and become the dream of a future he never knew he wanted?

11/19 The ranks really thinned out--only three of us showed up for this week's local NaNo write-in. Am still sailing along above the total goal, even though today's count was a bit shy.

Today's total: 1549. To date: 33944

Today's Favorite Line Written: Tossing the key down on a warped round table, Mak turned to face the woman who had become a deer in the headlights of harm's way tonight, thanks to his profoundly fucked up life.

11/18 Pounded out the rest of an alleyway fight scene for Kata Sutra today, a bit short of daily word count, but I'm still ahead of the game overall. Now I just have to decide whether to forge ahead in the writing, or fall back to fill in where I jumped ahead to get to this "juicy" part!

Today's total: 1633. To date: 32395

Today's Favorite Line Written: She obeyed Mak—a curious recurring theme with her tonight—and slid in beside him.

11/17 Spent the main part of the day with more editing and query follow up, but around ten PM I was at work and finally got a flash of a scene from Kata Sutra I wanted to write. So the muse has spoken--Kata Sutra it is!

Today's total: 1922. To date: 30762

Today's Favorite Line Written: “There's nothing you need to know,” Mak leaned in to press the remaining words against her lips, “that this doesn't tell you.”

11/16 Adrift without a ship today, since I finished my NaNo book! I couldn't decide which in-progress book to work on to pick up my word count, so instead I entered an excerpt of this year's NaNo in Reading Writer's Romantic Encounters contest. Then pulled out LAST year's NaNo, which was recently turned down by the first place I subbed to, to polish it a bit before sending it back out. Oh, and I sent a status inquiry in on SUITE SEDUCTION, which has been under consideration for a whopping seventeen months now. And in my personal reading-for-enjoyment today, I ran across some interesting research I may well use in my upcoming ANGELIC SEDUCTION. So no word count, but a busy writer day nonetheless!

Today's total: 0. To date: 28829

Today's Favorite Line EDITED!!: Isn't there a law against plaid flannel on the West Coast?


Thorne said...

Hahaha! Unless you're a lesbian. Well, not that I would be caught dead in plaid flannel, but I must admit my GirlyBoi looks great in them!