Sunday, November 23, 2008

National Writing Challenge: Week 4

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Warning: Some excerpts may contain adult language and situations.

11/30 OMG This is it!! I can't believe another NaNoWriMo has come and gone. One novella done, another almost. AND NOW....

He smiled at her warmly, let go of her hand, then he turned and jumped out the window.
--Written by happy-go-lucky


...the circus was serene, until a booming scream tore through the silence.
--Written by mijahu

AND THE GRAND PRIZE WINNER: WEEK 1, .harmony. Congratulations!!

Today's total: 1166. GRAND TOTAL, NaNoWriMo 08:52621

Today's Favorite Line Written: Ironic, how one journalist had posted a mostly flattering article while fucking Evan's woman, whereas Evan's woman planned to post a decidedly unflattering article while fucking him.

By the way, my personal Favorite Line written for NaNo was this:

All Evan found himself able to think at present was of the grinding need to be Desiree's sexual CPR kit...and to resuscitate her as many times as she would let him for the rest of the night.--from Kata Sutra, written 11/22

11/29 The family did our Christmas decorating in the morning, then I had work the rest of the day. I was pretty tired by the time I got home, so only got a page I'm still scratching my head over some key plot points I need to tie together. Maybe I'll dream program for an answer tonight.

Today's total: 302. To date: 51455

Today's Favorite Line Written: The very truth she'd been so desperate to discover about him until last night had suddenly become the one she least wanted to discuss.

11/28 YEAH, Baby!! Somewhere in wee hours of 2am this morning, typing alone in dark silence, I crossed the fifty thousand word mark and won the challenge. Kata Sutra still has some finishing up work, however, so I'll keep plugging away while other fellow NaNoers hit the mark and download their award certificates. CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL....and don't forget, I'm still looking for Best Line winners for this final week, so get those entries in before the deadline!

Today's total: 1306. To date: 51153

Today's Favorite Line Written: A future Evan knew he wanted with a desperation as great as the need to draw breath, regardless of what kind of article Desiree had written about his dojo...or whether she loved Mak more than she cared for him.

11/27 Happy Thanksgiving to all! I ended up working at the "day job" on turkey day today, once again falling short on word count. I wonder if I'm just trying to draw out the anticipation of crossing the mark?

Today's total: 1611. To date: 49847

Today's Favorite Line Written (okay, so a couple together this time): The truth was, they'd never been friends. They'd shared a common need within the walls of the dojo—several needs, as it turned out—but Evan had never truly been Makoto Chinen's friend. He'd been an opportunity.

11/26 Fell short on word count and plans to attend the final local write-in, bummer. But still moving on forward, and hoping to hit the big 50k in the next day or so!

Today's total: 1436. To date: 48236

Today's Favorite Line Written: “listen to yourself--you're paranoid, jealous, and so far down the path to the wrong conclusion that I can't even Mapquest you out.”

11/25 Got a good stride going today, approaching the neighborhood of an ending for KATA SUTRA. Good conflict/argument scenes today, so those fingers started flying!

Today's total: 3445. To date: 46800

Today's Favorite Line Written: “I never slept with either of you because of the story...I fell for you in spite of it.”

11/24 Hit a little over average word count today, setting up a crucial conflict scene but still not sure what will become of the three-way love triangle in Kata Sutra.

Today's total: 1695. To date: 43355
Today's Favorite Line Written: The rest of that night, conversation was reduced to the way Evan's body spoke to Desiree's, and her cries in response.

11/23 Kind of lazy day today, and even though I'm still feeling a bit lackluster I made up for some of yesterday's lackluster word count.

Today's total: 3450. To date: 41660

Today's Favorite Line Written: Proof yet again that when Mak least expected pain, life scheduled him for a root canal.


Anonymous said...

You are so close, Lisa! I know you will make it to 50k before the end of November.

Lisa Logan said...

SOOOO close I can taste it like pumpkin pie with extra whipped cream!!