Monday, February 23, 2009

Mystic Stones by Lydia Howell

Thanks to Authors Promoting Authors, I'm delighted to be able to tell you about the following intriguing anthology!

Throughout history, many have believed in the magical powers and healing properties of gemstones. In Mystic Stones, the skeptical are forced into believing by their own needs and desires.

Because of the gemstones they possess…

in Aquamarine Love, Nadia's desperation could lead her to her destiny;

in The Stone Hex, an old witch's curse could ignite the first sparks of attraction between Rachael and Gabe;

in A Witch's Protection, attraction could save Emaline from torture at the hands of the witch-finders;

and in Sexual Healing, love may save David and Catherine from themselves.

In these stories of sex and redemption, witches and ghosts — the characters will tug at your heart and arouse your passions. Become enchanted with the mystical powers of the gemstones while being swept away by the romances of those in their mists…


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