Monday, March 09, 2009

Monday Mystery Date #1: Trenton Dane

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Every Monday I'll treat you to a Mystery Date with a character from one of my romantic or erotic fiction novels!

This Week's Mystery Date:

Who: Actor/psychic Trenton Dane

What Book He's In: VISIONS, romance/psychic/mystery novel

Where He Lives:
Beverly Hills, California

Why He's So Fascinating: Not only is Trenton Dane celebrity hunk gorgeous, he's largely unaffected by his own stardom--but highly affected by the mysterious beauty who unwittingly transfers psychic abilities to him when they bump into each other at an event.

A Memorable Moment with Trenton Dane:

By the time the tortilla soup arrived, Glory was feeling like a geek in a fish bowl. People were staring and whispering, and though “the falls” kept words away it wasn’t hard to imagine what they were saying. This was the local hotspot in a small town, and a major name had plopped his Calvin Klein-encased derriere right in the middle of it. She swore she caught camera flash from the corner of her eye a couple of times. Who, she wondered, brings a camera to the local dive?

The question was answered as a couple of breathless girls of maybe sixteen bounded to the table, caught up in the giggling mania of teenaged adoration. The shorter of the two, arms akimbo, gripped a Nikon digital. She nudged her elbow into the other girl’s ribcage.

Girl Number Two sprang into action. “We have a bet. She says you’re Trenton Dane, but I say he would never be seen in boring Men-toad Beach, so you must be a look-alike or something. Right?”

Glory’s eyebrows had inched higher with each sentence, but Trenton was unfazed. Instead, he winked at the shorter girl and turned his best The-Camera-Loves-Me smile on the Doubtful One. “Guess I’m not a very good look-alike, am I?”

Camera Girl’s shoulders slumped in defeat.

“Ha! See, I told you,” the Doubter trumpeted to her friend. “You owe me a jumbo hot fudge.”

Several koi wriggled near the edge of the pond, checking out the commotion.

Trenton wasn’t finished. “Yep, my agent’s always telling me I’m so terrible that I must be the real deal.”

The believer’s eyes widened three sizes. “You are him!”

My heaven, are those tears in her eyes? Glory laughed while the pair squealed and bounced around in delight. “Can we get a picture, Mr. Dane? Please?”

Glory did the honors while the pair leaned in–just a bit too close, she thought–on either side of his seat for a giddy group photo. They were met in short order by the manager, who shooed them sternly back to their seats and proffered a rosary’s worth of apology.

When they were alone again, Glory stared at him with open curiosity. “How do you manage? Isn’t it, distracting to be in the public eye all the time?”

He swallowed a mouthful of rice pilaf and shrugged. “Sometimes, but this is what I’ve chosen to do. What I love to do. If people didn’t have this reaction, I wouldn’t be nearly so marketable as an actor. You learn to adapt, and to hone the art of disguise when necessary.” He waggled his brows at her, Groucho
Marx style.
--from VISIONS

When Trenton is Available:
VISIONS available now in print or ebook

How You Can Get His Story: Get it in print on Amazon, or in eco-friendly eBook from Draumr Publishing

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Helen Ginger said...

Glory and Trenton, huh? Sounds interesting. I like wiggling the eyebrows Groucho Marx style.

Lisa Logan said...

Yeah, and of course there's always the phony air cigar waving that goes with it! LOL