Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wild Dreams Wednesday #17

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Tell Me Your Wildest Dreams!
Every Wednesday I venture away from romantic/erotic fiction writing to interpret your dreams. Have a recurring or puzzling dream? Send it to and I'll try to shed some light on Wild Dreams Wednesday!

This Week's Wildest Dream:

This was posted on Twitter:

"I dreamed I was Britney Spears and was in white river rapids. People were chiding me for irresponsible acts."

At one time or another most of us have probably had a celebrity do a cameo in our dreams, but have you ever dreamed you were the famous celebrity? (White rapids optional!)

This often represents a high, lofty goal that perhaps we think we cannot achieve, or else our status and reputation in our social setting. Back in dream post 13 we learned that water dreams involve our emotions. That you are racing down a roaring river can indicate that you fear getting literally carried off by your emotions, and that this could interfere with your social status or life goals. People are telling you in the dream not to act irresponsibly, a warning from your subconscious to allow a level head to prevail when dealing with issues related to the achievement of your goals and social standing.


Wild Dreams Wednesdays interpretation by romance author/editor Lisa Logan is meant to be used for education and entertainment purposes only. I hope you've found this week's post useful! Stay tuned until next Wednesday, when we again delve deep into our Wildest Dreams. Sleep Tight!


Helen Ginger said...

I like that interpretation. I don't remember ever dreaming of being a celebrity. Seems odd that I haven't. Wonder who I would dream I was?

Straight From Hel

Norm Cowie said...

I keep hoping I'll make an appearance in one of your dreams.


Lisa Logan said...

LOL Norm...I'm sure you were in there, but well, you know, the Twitter version was limited to only 140 characters and...;)

Helen, I thought this was really unique, too, in that the dreamer was actually the celebrity--not herself and famous, but she knew she was Britney Spears. Not something I see terribly often, so I was excited about this interpretation!

Courtney Mroch said...

I dream about celebrities in my dreams every once and a while, but I've never dreamt I was a celebrity either. I'm with Helen: would wonder who I would dream myself as??? Another neat WDW Lisa!