Friday, July 17, 2009

Feng Shui Friday: Fire

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Every week I take a break from romance/erotic fiction writing and explore simple tricks to bring positive energy to YOUR writing...and life!

Last week I talked about The Wood Element in feng shui. Continuing on with the rest of the five feng shui elements, this week I'll be covering...

Fire Element in Feng Shui

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Fire. Passionate, Dangerous, Rapidly consuming and changing. Fire heats our planet and allows life to grow. In Feng Shui, fire is energy and activity, transformation and enthusiasm.

What Does Fire Do In Feng Shui?

Fire governs the following:

1. Transformation

As fire consumes, it transforms. This cycle can be destructive, yes, but can also be life giving. Fire consuming wood in our homes gives warmth or cooks food. Fire burning down a forest will aid in enriching the soil and bringing later new growth.

2. Expansion

As fire licks out and seeks to expand its borders, so does Feng Shui Fire seek to bring an expansive growth to our lives.

3. Enthusiasm

The motion and activity of flame is energetic, mesmerizing to watch. This activity can represent the energy we wish to put to use in our own lives.

Fire is the natural element of the Fame zone in feng shui.
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What Items Can Be Used to Represent Fire?

Try any of the following that are practical and appeal to you:

3.Red colors
4.Sun/solar symbols and decor
5.Triangular/pyramidal shapes

Any of these can be utilized in Feng Shui design to bring the Fire element theme into play. Just use caution and don't go overboard.

Fixing "Fire" Problems

Just as fire is probably the most potentially destructive element in your home, the Feng Shui variety can create a negative impact on chi if used improperly or in excess. Avoid Fire elements in Water's natural location, the Wealth area, or too much in areas governing relationships (Marriage, Children, Family). This can lead to "fiery" communication and arguments. Avoid too much red in any zone of the house, even in the Fame area. This can lead to overblown fiery emotions and heated actions. The bright red can also distract from other necessary aspects of life. Replace burned out light bulbs to avoid dulling your energy and enthusiasm. And of course, exercise proper cautions when using live flame as a Fire element.

Have fun exploring the ways this element can enhance your chi!

Romance writer duties call!! I hope you've enjoyed Feng Shui Friday. Have a tip or dilemma to share? Please post in the comments! Until next time, may you find the magic within that brings a spark of positive fire chi your way!


Cate Masters said...

Hmm, I'll have to rethink the red bedroom! Eye-catching when we moved in, now it feels very heavy sometimes. Now I know why! Thanks for the insights.

Lisa Logan said...

Yes, red is a great key color in the love area and master bedroom, but as an accent only. Red sheets, red spread, or red throw pillows perhaps, but all red decor can make things a bit too "fiery!"