Thursday, July 05, 2007

Post Your Dream...I'll Interpret

Welcome to this week's Wildest Dreams...

In my latest wild dream, evening had just fallen and I went out on my balcony. There, I pointed out a particularly bright star in the sky to a stranger-that-I-knew. I was very intrigued with the star, and for some reason it was important to me to explain to the stranger that it wasn't actually a star at all, but a planet.

Turns out that stars and planets have specific meanings in dreams. (As does just about everything, as we've been discovering on these weekly journeys into the subconcious.)
Dreaming of nighttime has significance, too. Night represents barriers and obstacles to achieving goals. It can also signify new beginnings. In my dream, a bright star lit the darkness. Stars indicate fate, luck, and desires of fame and/or fortune. Even more, THIS star was more than it seemed--a planet--which indicates creative energies and new adventure.

Once again this seems to relate back to my writing career, and some themes I've been discussing recently with friends and associates. There are always obstacles when one desires to write for publication--time, money, market trends, Time, (friendly) competition, mental fatigue, and did I mention, TIME? Still, when one has the desire, one can choose to funnel some of their creative energy from putting words on paper to finding ways to ride their shooting star around any obstacles in their path. This is something I've been "waking" on recently.

As always, feel free to post here or contact me with your wildest dreams, and I'll give you an armchair look at common dream symbols. Meanwhile, may all YOUR shooting star dreams come true!