Friday, March 20, 2009

Feng Shui Friday: Knowledge

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What does a romance/erotic author know about Feng Shui? Early on in my writing career I discovered this ancient Chinese art as a means to organize my desk space. The impressive results prompted me to employ this art well beyond my novel writing, and a dozen years later I've applied Feng Shui to every area of my home. Every Friday I'll share tips to help bring positive energy to YOUR writing...and life. I'll begin by introducing the nine main zones of a house as defined by Feng Shui.

This week: The Knowledge Area (front right corner)

Moving clockwise around the octagon from last week's Career area discussion, with the octagon flipped so the Career line sits against the wall where your front door sits, you'll see the Knowledge area resides in the far right corner. Energies here are responsive to aiding or hindering attainment of knowledge.

Why is this important to writers or anyone besides students? Writers often research their books, new markets, or tips on successful promotion. In everyday living, we constantly seek answers. When our Knowledge area is out of order, these answers may prove difficult to come by when we need them.

The Knowledge area is affected by many of the same factors that block chi (natural occurring, life-giving energy) discussed previously, such as:
*Poor/no lighting
*Dirt (front entry ways tend to track in a lot)
*Lack of vital purposing (dead or incorrectly apportioned space)

Knowledge Area Fixer-Uppers:

1. Clean it up. Clear the cobwebs, bid dust bunnies farewell. Corner spaces are notorious dust and clutter hogs.

2. Light it up.
Lighting here is especially important to illuminate the path to knowledge.

3. Dress it up.
As light is important, the Knowledge area is a good location for candles and/or lamps. A fireplace here is a fortuitous location. Water is less useful. I've also found scent cures are helpful here, particularly those that stimulate mental acuity: citrus, vanilla, sage, and mint for starters. Blue, green, and black are all good color choices in this area. What's more, this is thee recommended location in the home for a television and/or bookcases. Windchimes or a lead crystal sphere hung over this zone can be useful as well.

4. Fix it up. Avoid energy blocking clutter that keeps knowledge hidden. If you have bookcases or a TV here, make sure to keep them dusted and that books, DVD's, etc. are displayed neatly and not stacked haphazardly. Water can drown flames that light the path, so try not to use much in this zone, or add plenty of light to negate the effect. If light bulbs burn out in this area, replace them immediately.

Okay, here's my own Knowledge area. Note that the family TV is situated here, and the prominent use of black. (The TV is set here to a soundscapes music channel I use sometimes to aid focus.) At lower left is a set of Asian hanging lanterns, and above this a spotlight against the back wall. I have a daughter in college and another being homeschooled; their photos are displayed in this area. Sitting atop the TV you'll notice an aromatherapy diffuser; it's filled with vanilla as a constant scent cure.

Remember, whether you decide to relocate the family library or just add a small candle or scent cure, the most important technique is to make the change with intention. See knowledge coming to you effortlessly when you need it; visualize barriers being removed as you clean the space.

My latest romance novel beckons!! I hope you've enjoyed Feng Shui Friday. Have a Knowledge area tip or dilemma to share? Please post in the comments! Until next time, may you find the magic within that satisfies your thirst for knowledge!
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Helen Ginger said...

Thank you, Lisa. I think I'll start with some scent in my office.

Deb Hockenberry said...

I'm in a very small apartment. In fact, I have to work out of my bedroom! Besides putting a Glade plug-in in the bedroom what can I do? I know nothing about this. If it helps I'm all for it!
Deb :-)

Lisa Logan said...

Deb,I understand! I share an 800sq ft apartment with my daughter, spouse, and all his 'toys!' Feng Shui can be done in ANY size space.

Locate your knowledge area and give it a good cleaning. Clean/dust with the intent that you're clearing the path to easier learning! If you CAN relocate your TV or books to this area, great. If not, use colors or lighting elements discussed. And yeah, scent cures help. Even hanging a windchime in this corner (yes, indoors!) can activate energy here. Be creative! And good luck.

Julie Robinson said...

Thanks, fun article. And it inspires me to do some cleaning. I started cleaning my desk last night because I just couldn't stand the clutter anymore. My ideas felt like my desk looked---my knowledge spread out in a disorganized mess--- and full of dust bunnies! Where did all those dust bunnies come from---and on my desk! I was amazed. Your article has made me realize that's why I couldn't write. I felt as dusty, stagnant, and scattered as everything on my desk. Thanks!

Lisa Logan said...

Julie, you make an EXCELLENT point! It sounds weird, but when our work areas or homes are cluttered and hosting a dusty bunny convention, it is harder to get things done.

My husband is among other things an artist and sculptor, and the first thing he does when beginning a new project is to clean and declutter. It frees up his creative energy.