Monday, March 30, 2009

Mystery Date Monday: Glory Windsor

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Every Monday I'll treat you to a Mystery Date with a character from one of my romantic or erotic fiction novels!

This Week's Mystery Date:

Who: Psychic/Single Mom Glory Windsor

What Book She's In: VISIONS, contemporary/romance/mystery novel

Where She Lives:
Mentone Beach, California

Why She's So Fascinating: Glory finds herself in a position most women would envy: she attracts the notice of a delectably sexy film star. What's more, they become inexplicably bound to each other after an accidental bump transfers some of her much-maligned psychic abilities to him. While he--and the paparazzi--chases after their passion and power, she runs away...but not fast enough to escape an inevitable union, OR a past that threatens to rob her of her daughter, Jade.

A Memorable Moment with Glory Windsor:

“Glory Windsor?”

Her head snapped up, startled to find flashbulbs going off from over a nearby display rack. She hadn’t noticed anyone come in.

“Glory, can you really see the future?”

Two photographers slapped at shutter buttons as she tried to process what was happening. The press? Had they followed her here?

“What’s the future look like for you and Trenton Dane?”

Another reporter chimed in. “Are you taking money for your services? Is it true you’re running a scam on celebrities?”

“No!” She looked around, silently pleading for help. The sales people huddled together by the register, making no move to intervene. For one of the most famous shopping destinations in the world, she decided some Rodeo personnel could stand lessons on customer service.

The press stood between her and the exit, leaving her trapped like a mouse about to be picked off by a circling hawk. Desperate, she dropped to her knees and shuffled through two small racks of designer dresses before hopping up and rocketing out the door. Not to be outdone by the feeble trick, reporters pushed after her.

Another flashbulb, situated by the curb, caught her head on as she fled out onto the sidewalk.

“Glory, who’s going to win the playoffs next week?” The question sent up a ruffle of derisive laughter.

“Hey, she didn’t pay for that stuff!” The spiky-haired salesgirl protested. Glory was too far out the door–and moving too fast–to hear.

Without thinking she dashed across the street, narrowly averting a trip to Cedar Sinai hospital courtesy of a midnight blue Mercedes 350 SL. The driver was still yelling at her as she took the remaining few feet of Rodeo Drive in long strides and rounded the corner at Wilshire, nearly taking out a woman heavily laden with shopping bags labeled “Escada.” The startled brunette sniffed at Glory’s breathless apology and resumed clicking her high-heeled way down the Boulevard.

A hundred feet further brought her to the old-world European splendor of the Beverly Wilshire Hotel, where she wasted no time peeling through the glass doors. Still at racing speed upon entering, her black flats slid across the shiniest floor she’d ever seen.

[...] A quick look back offered reassurance that no one had followed her. Yet. She leaned against a massive square column, breath coming in short, mouth-drying gasps. Beads of sweat prickled her armpits. The hundred-yard dash had never been her best event, but the fatigue induced by her sprint was a definite sign it was time to get reacquainted with the treadmill gathering dust out in her garage.

--from VISIONS

When Glory is Available:
VISIONS is available now in ebook or print.

How You Can Get Her Story: Get it in print on Amazon, or in eco-friendly eBook from Draumr Publishing

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Helen Ginger said...

I'm waiting to see the headlines in the next day's paper. "Shoplifting Medium Steals Maximum"


Lisa Logan said...

ROTFLMAO!! That's too good. And oh yeah, Glory and Trenton DEFINITELY made some headlines!