Friday, June 19, 2009

Feng Shui Friday: Stolen Car!

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Every week I take a break from romance/erotic fiction writing and explore simple tricks to bring positive energy to YOUR writing...and life!

Last week I talked about The Metal Element in feng shui, and I was preparing to talk about Wood in this week's discussion. However, my post got delayed due to an unfortunate incident, and I realized that's what I should cover today.


I absolutely love the apartment complex where we live. It's close to work, the grounds are beautiful, our deck overlooks the pool and's like living at a resort. Neighbors are friendly, and there are rarely any problems. Except one. Cars of residents here are highly prone to vandalism, break ins, and theft from outsiders. And for the second time in a year and a half, my husband's car was stolen.

What Does Feng Shui Have to Do With This?

Having ones' balance out of whack can pave the way to chaos in other aspects in life. Also, if the Earth and/or Metal elements or safety items are under represented or absent, stability and protection of the household can be compromised.

While I certainly don't lay the blame for every little thing that occurs on whether or not our chi is flowing properly, I do firmly believe it can help or hinder obstacles in our path. After the initial flurry of frustration and required action (notifying police, insurance, etc.), I started to think over my feng shui practices of late and saw where they were lacking.

First, I hadn't been feeling on top of my game recently, and neglected to activate energies in both my Knowledge and Helpful People areas over the past couple of weeks. (I'll be talking about how I routinely activate zone energies later in the series.) What's more, I recently discovered that a small dragon statue displayed outside for protection had been broken. I discarded it immediately, but did not replace the intent, thus leaving a vulnerable spot. Finally, I had not done my usual positive visualization for protection of our home and vehicles and home the night before.

Can Feng Shui Help Now?

Absolutely. Now that the deed is done, and proper "real world" actions have been taken to report the incident, I turned attention to activating feng shui zones that may be of use to us in seeing the car recovered unharmed.

1. Knowledge Area. I activated hanging lanterns in this area for the purpose of "lighting the path" to our missing car, so it will be more easily spotted.

2. Helpful People Area. I activated lighting and incense cures in this area, to encourage individuals to be of assistance in locating and recovering the car.

3. Wealth Area. Because transportation is limited, my husband's livelihood is affected, and there will also be potential added expenses in recovering the vehicle (last time we paid hundreds in impound fees after the found vehicle was towed, and there will be definite steps taken to boost security). By activating indoor and outdoor Wealth areas, especially in conjunction with the Helpful People area, I hope to both minimize the losses and encourage a flow of income in other ways.

4. Marriage Area. Because this is a stressful time, I figured a bit of a positive energy boost in this zone (cleansing and lighting a flameless candle) couldn't hurt.

Did it Work??

As of this writing, the car has not been found. However, within an hour of activating our household chi, a friend called and offered to drive my husband to and from a paid job he'd have had to miss out on tomorrow, and another called with a phone number we needed.

I'll post an update on the car, but meanwhile will be staying on top of keeping positive energy flowing!

Romance writer duties call!! I hope you've enjoyed Feng Shui Friday. Have a tip or dilemma to share? Please post in the comments! Until next time, may you find the magic within that brings a rolling tide of positive water chi your way!


Anonymous said...

What happened to your husband's car is just awful. Theft is such a personal thing. It's not even the loss of things, it's the vulnerability you feel. You just have to remember it isn't personal.

I hope it works out for you and they recover the car.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Anton. We have a different perspective on it this time since the same car was taken over a year ago, but it's still an imposition on our household. Never the way one PLANS for the day to work out!

Helen Ginger said...

Twice in one year! Wow. Sounds like your complex also needs to step up security.

So sorry this happened to you - again. I've never had a car stolen. We did have something stolen from our garage, while I was home with the kids. That was scary enough for me.

Straight From Hel

Anonymous said...

Yeah, and that's not even counting all the instances of car break-ins and vandalism. Our own cars have been hit at least six times.