Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Wild Dreams Wednesday #12

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Tell Me Your Wildest Dreams!
Every Wednesday I venture away from romantic/erotic fiction writing to interpret your dreams. Have a recurring or puzzling dream? Send it to and I'll try to shed some light on Wild Dreams Wednesday!

This Week's Wildest Dream:

“I dreamed I was trying to eat but my teeth kept breaking!"

Teeth falling out/breaking is an extremely common dream, like flying or showing up to class naked. Interestingly, all of these relate in one way or another to feelings of insecurity (or dominance).

Teeth that fall out may well make your dream self feel powerless and unable to accomplish what you set out to do (here, eat). This indicates insecurities about accomplishing things in life. Also, since teeth are also tied to our appearance, this can indicate anxiety over losing ones' looks/attractiveness.

There is a "meatier" interpretation of tooth dreams as well, pun intended. Teeth are used for biting or chewing, and common references in daily life include chewing over problems or make "biting" comments. For some, tooth loss dreams represent feeling at a disadvantage in solving a problem, or in social interactions.


Wild Dreams Wednesdays interpretation by romance author/editor Lisa Logan is meant to be used for education and entertainment purposes only. I hope you've found this week's post useful! Stay tuned until next Wednesday, when we again delve deep into our Wildest Dreams. Sleep Tight!


Helen Ginger said...

I've never had a dream where my teeth fell out. Maybe my dreams are not when I worry about problems. Hmm.

Straight From Hel

Lisa Logan said...

You're lucky!! Maybe you never lack confidence? :)