Thursday, June 18, 2009


Photo courtesy of Stock Xchg

Every day during my upcoming Birthday Bash week July 5-12, I'll be hosting an exclusive game of Author Bio Bingo on my blog! The first round of bingo calls will appear on my blog Sunday, July 12, and more every day that week. I'll be suspending my usual blog format, and will be blogging about other fun topics to accompany my bingo calls.


1. Get a bingo card! Email me at Include BINGO in the subject line, and I'll send you one to use during that week.

When you get your card you'll note it does not contain typical bingo numbers. Each square contains a tidbit of info about me that might appear in an author bio.

2. Play the game! If you're not already, be sure to follow/subscribe to this blog so you can keep up with the posts! Every day starting July 5, I'll be choosing and posting bingo calls at random. Check my blog and mark off your squares accordingly.

3. How to win: Any straight line, be it horizontal, vertical, or diagonal wins. To shout "BINGO!" just post it in the comments, along with the card number you were assigned for verification of your win.


The FIRST player to correctly post "BINGO!" will win a pdf copy of the TWIST OF FATE anthology. ALL remaining players who post a correct "BINGO!" during the week will be entered in a drawing for a fun little conciliatory prize as well.

So get in on the party and request your game cards today. Best of luck to all players!