Friday, May 29, 2009

Feng Shui Friday: Water

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Every week I take a break from romance/erotic fiction writing and explore simple tricks to bring positive energy to YOUR writing...and life!

Last week I talked about Color Theory in feng shui. This week I want to begin covering each of the five elements of feng shui, starting with...

Water Element in Feng Shui

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Water is one of the primary life-giving forces on our planet. Without it, we not only cannot live a harmonious, balanced existence, we cannot LIVE.

What Does Water Do In Feng Shui?

Water is responsible for a couple of very different--but equally important--facets of existence.

1. Water is the household "Money" spout.

Yep, think of wealth "flowing" into your home. Water chi is responsible for helping--or hindering that flow.

2. Water rules household "Emotion."

Emotions are as important as money? You bet! Our relative perception of harmony and happiness depends to a large degree on our emotions and how well we balance them. Chaotic emotions can be the ruin of even the wealthiest individual.

So I Need A Bunch of Fountains And Ponds?

Not necessarily! Granted, fountains are an extremely potent feng shui cure, because the constantly running water releases positive ions in the atmosphere and encourages a constant flow of money energy in the home. However, water features in the wrong zone (as discussed in prior posts) can have a negative effect, and after a point adding more of one element will not add more positive effect in any case.

In addition, water features may not be practical if there are:

1. Small pets in the home that may disturb a fountain (i.e., curious cats)
2. Small children in the home, same reason
3. Time issues or lack of willingness to properly maintain a fountain
4. Personal reasons for not wanting to use electricity to run a fountain (note:solar powered fountains are available for outdoor use)

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What Else Can I Do Besides Fountains?

Plenty! One of the great things about Feng Shui is, there's no one MUST DO cure. If you can't utilize one suggestion, there's always a substitute. For example, any of the following (when placed with intention) can be used to represent Water:

1.Water Globes (with or without glitter "snow!")
2.Fish bowl/tank (with the same caveats regarding cats, children, and maintenance)
3.Photos or artwork depicting water or aquatic themes
4.Wavy shapes
5.Blue or Black colors

Any of these can be utilized in Feng Shui design to bring the Water element theme into play. Just remember to keep Water elements away from your home's natural Earth (which blocks Water) and Fire (Water destroys Fire) areas. (As per prior discussions, we learned that Fire is the natural element of the Fame area, and Earth is the natural element of the Family area.

Fixing "Water" Problems

Even if you don't add a single bird bath or water photo to your home, you can maintain proper Water balance by keeping chi-robbing factors at bay.

1. Keep Toilet Lids Down. Before you flush, shut it. Open toilets are believed to "suck away" energy, and on a health note, spray up a lot of microscopic germs to boot.
2. Keep Bathroom Doors Closed. The primary "Water" feature in any home is your bathroom, so keep energies from flowing out by shutting your door. (It's also a psychological boost to not have to glance over and see a toilet.)
3. Keep Drains Closed. When possible, plug drains when not in use.
4. Repair Drips And Leaks Immediately. These represent money draining from your home (and a constant drain on emotions)both figuratively and literally, considering drips add to your water bill.
5. Position Fountains For Maximum Effect. When placed outdoors (preferably not in your Fame or Family area if possible), position in such a way so that the flow of water points toward, not away from, your house. This draws positive energy in, not away. Indoors, try not to place fountains where the flow points at your front door, which similarly represents money flying out the door.
6. Don't Go Overboard. Some Water is good. Too much...yes, it can happen.

Okay! Too Much Of A Good Thing?

Absolutely. As with all elements, there is a necessary balance to Water. Too much overloads or floods us. Too little dries us out. The same is true when applying Water cures to your home.

Just because water enhances the flow of wealth doesn't mean going overboard with a water themed house. (Though I've seen it done by feng shui designers and it's very cool!) Make sure to balance Water with representations of the other feng shui elements, in order to establish and maintain overall harmony. A Man Does Not Live By Water Alone, and all that. Have fun exploring the ways this element can enhance your chi!

Romance writer duties call!! I hope you've enjoyed Feng Shui Friday. Have a tip or dilemma to share? Please post in the comments! Until next time, may you find the magic within that brings a rolling tide of positive water chi your way!


Helen Ginger said...

Thanks for all the water info. Don't know that I am a "water" person, but I do love the water. It sort of shows in my office, since the walls are blue and the two paintings in there involve water, plus I have three mermaids hanging up.

Straight From Hel

Lisa Logan said...

Ooh, mermaids! How cool!!

I am definitely a "water" person; being a Cancer (water sign) this isn't surprising. I just have to watch that I don't go overboard!