Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wild Dreams Wednesday #19

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Tell Me Your Wildest Dreams!
Every Wednesday I venture away from romantic/erotic fiction writing to interpret your dreams. Have a recurring or puzzling dream? Send it to and I'll try to shed some light on Wild Dreams Wednesday!

This Week's Wildest Dream:

"I dreamed I was back in school again, and I had to take a test but I didn't study or have any clue what the answers were!"

Dreams that take us back to school days are extremely common. This likely indicates you feel you are being "tested" or scrutinized in some aspect of your life right now, and you worry you will not measure up. You may feel you weren't properly prepared for the challenges you are facing, but are being unfairly judged for it. Or, perhaps you feel you should have been better prepared, and would have better opportunities at present if you were to have done so.


Wild Dreams Wednesdays interpretation by romance author/editor Lisa Logan is meant to be used for education and entertainment purposes only. I hope you've found this week's post useful! Stay tuned until next Wednesday, when we again delve deep into our Wildest Dreams. Sleep Tight!


Maggie Dove said...

Hate dreams like that, but doesn't it feel great when you wake up and realize that you are all grown up and your problems are even larger! That sounds depressing and right now I can't think of a single problem that I can't tackle.I just got the cover art of Angel of Windword and I feel on top of the world!


Maggie Dove said...

Before I go, what is the meaning of dreams that make you feel as though you were falling off a cliff and sometimes you actually wake up because the feeling is so intense!

Courtney Mroch said...

Oh, I really hate my back to school dreams. I always dream I had to go back because I didn't really graduate. (Especially to college. I always dream there was a mix up in me getting my diploma, that it's not legit because I didn't complete a full semester or something silly and so I have to go back and take a class or three. I always wake up so discombobulated afterwards!)

Lisa Logan said...

Ah, good one, Maggie. In fact, stay tuned and I'll cover that one in my next Wild Dreams Wednesday!