Thursday, April 16, 2009

Contest: Get Your GREEN On!

April 22 is just a week away, meaning Earth Day is almost here. In honor of this event, I'm holding a pair of contests for readers AND writers!

Show your Earth Day spirit by spreading the word about my "Green" Challenges! 

Do either of the following for YOUR chance(s) to win!

1. Post a message about either challenge on your groups, discussion boards, or social networks (like Twitter, Ning, Facebook, etc.). Include a link to the challenge in your post ( OR Post links to these promo spots in the comments, and I will give you 1 entry for each different place you promote the challenge. (No "Spam" type posts, please; one post per group, network, etc.) --TIP: Earn your first entry right now if you're on Twitter by clicking the TWEET THIS button at the bottom of this post!


2. Grab one of the "Green" challenge icons on this page (right click the graphic, then choose Save Image As...). POST THIS ICON with a link back to the challenge ( OR on your blogs, websites, MySpace pages, etc. and Post the URLs where the graphics are located here in the comments. You'll get 1 entry for every different place you post this graphic.



For GREEN READERS: a free, eco-friendly pdf copy of my TWIST OF FATE anthology!

For GREEN WRITERS: a promotional package including a blurb on my site, plus your choice of either a guest post or author interview on my blogs on MySpace and Blogger, along with a promo shout out on Facebook and Twitter (with links to your site or twitter/facebook account)!

BONUS ENTRIES!!!!!!!!! --1 entry for TAKING the challenge yourself and posting in the comments one thing from the challenge list you will do this year to "green" your reading or writing. (Writers: GREEN WRITING CHALLENGE. Readers: GREEN READING CHALLENGE.)

So celebrate Earth Day this year by Getting your green on. Spread the word about green writing and reading practices, earn chances to get a prize--and either way, by participating we ALL win!


Becky said...

I have posted about the Green Challenge at these 3 locations:

I am going to try and read more ebooks this year. I have already been making sure my computer is off when not being use and any other electronics. I think I might try reading by candlelight and see how that works too.

Lisa Logan said...

Thanks, Becky!! Great. I've given you 4 entries--three for your links, and one for taking the challenge yourself!

Hywela Lyn said...

Hi Lisa

What a great idea this is. I know I've come into this late although I've had your Green Challenge logo up on my My Space for ages -

I also have it on my Blog

I'm doing my best to save paper by recycling and using Emails rather than writing letters, switching lights and pcs off when not in use. I send all my MSs and correspondence with my publisher by Email. I also took part in 'Earth Hour' last month and switched off all the lights in the house for an hour at 8.00 pm

Anonymous said...

Excellent, and glad to hear about your Earth Hour last month, Hywela! We did it here, too, only it became more like three hours. It was fun!