Friday, April 17, 2009

Feng Shui Friday: Love

Octagon graphic, Bartett Designs
Every week I take a break from romance/erotic fiction writing and explore simple tricks to bring positive energy to YOUR writing...and life!

This week we'll continue our introduction to the nine main zones of a house as defined by Feng Shui...

This week: The Marriage/Relationship Area (left rear corner)

Flip the above octagon so the Career line lies against the wall where your front door sits. Continuing clockwise around the octagon from last week's Fame area discussion, if you're standing inside the octagon facing the front door, the Relationship area falls along the rearmost wall of the house (or room). Energies here influence LOVE, relationships, and passion. Oo-la-la!

If you've been following the series thus far, you can guess what things negatively impact relationship chi-blocking (chi=natural, life giving energy):
*Poor/no lighting
*Lack of vital purposing (dead or incorrectly apportioned space)

Relationship Area Fixer-Uppers:

1. Clean it up. Keep this area spic and span to remove barriers to romance and a healthy relationship! Dust, get rid of clutter, etc.

2. Light it up.
Bright lighting is especially vital here. Candles can be used in moderation (more on that in a minute).

3. Dress it up.
The colors of love are pink and red. Red is more of a passion color, pink for long lasting love, devotion, and fidelity. Both are important enough to include in your design decor, though if you're married it's unlikely your husband will want you do the entire area in pink! Incidentally, red bed sheets are a good way to sizzle up romance, as are judicious use of candles.

4. Fix it up. Fix or remove anything that is broken in this area immediately--burned out light bulbs, broken/cracked items, leaky faucets, etc. Clutter or an overcrowded space can block romance from entering your life if you're single, or foster communication issues in a current relationship. Fireplaces and water features in this area may or may not be helpful. Fire can stoke passion, but too much can flare into increased arguments and strife. If your dating life is stalled, a fountain can encourage love to flow your way, but if emotions are already running high in a relationship, a water feature in this area may push this overboard.

If your master bedroom happens to lie within this space, this is very fortunate. If a bathroom, kitchen, or children's room resides here, you may have issues with a flat/blocked love life or tension in the relationship. Keeping these rooms clutter free will help, as well using the octagon on your bedroom and applying feng shui cures to the relationship area there.

Here's a space along my relationship wall that I've purposed for our marriage. Wedding photos were a natural choice, and all five feng shui elements exist here for balance/harmony. I used paired male and female symbols on the shelf. Rose quartz is my husband's native stone and represents him (and lets me bring in the pink element without complaints about "girly" colors in the decor!) Girls take note: a stone denotes a rock-solid, unwavering relationship--and pink is said to prevent a wandering eye. The pewter fairy box was a gift from my husband; this represents me. In addition, the reed bottle and oil warmer cup are a male/female symbolic pair.

I keep a vanilla scent cure going here at all times, and light the candle weekly. One goal we had was to reduce marital conflict, so I decided against red so close to our wedding portraits. It seemed too much like symbolizing us literally "seeing red." (We do have red bedding, though.) I also toned down the "fire" element here by using a subtle battery-operated tealight. I couldn't be more pleased with the results.

As always, when making changes to the Relationship area do so with intention! See love coming your way; envision passionate encounters, a harmonious, loving relationship, and ongoing devotion. After an argument, put the negative emotions behind you symbolically by cleaning the space. (Maybe this is why we feel like cleaning when we're mad?)

Romance writer duties call!! I hope you've enjoyed Feng Shui Friday. Have a Relationship area tip or dilemma to share? Please post in the comments! Until next time, may you find the magic within that brings sizzle to your romance!
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Helen Ginger said...

Well, we do have red there and little clutter. There is good lighting there since the wall is mostly windows. It's not a bedroom, though.


Lisa Logan said...

That's great! It doesn't have to be located in your bedroom to work, though that is a lucky happenstance. I had one house where the romance area was in the master, and it did have advantages! ;)

If this zone falls in a kid's bedroom or kitchen/laundry/bath, it's a bit more problematic, but even these can be optimized toward the central love relationship. We'll talk more about "problem areas" later in the series.

Helen Ginger said...

Ours actually falls in the living room, which isn't a bad place. That's our quiet place to talk in the mornings.

Lisa Logan said...

And could be what draws you there naturally for your "special" time. A few carefully chosen color or element accessories can put added pizzazz in those special "talks," too! ;0