Monday, April 13, 2009

Mystery Date Monday: Sinda Ella

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Every Monday I'll treat you to a Mystery Date with a character from one of my romantic or erotic fiction novels!

This Week's Mystery Date:

Who: Servant-Turned-Vampire Lusinda Ella Fairbairn

What Book She's In: In the lead story SINDARELLA in TWISTED FAYRIE TALES, fantasy/erotic anthology

Where She Lives:
A fantasy kingdom far away

Why She's So Fascinating: Lusinda Ella Fairbairn, called Sinda for short, has as little desire to attend royal balls as she has fancy gowns in her closet. Spoiled, self-absorbed princes hold no intrigue, even if her life is little more than indentured servitude to her stepsisters. Yet when she discovers their plot to use twisted sex magics to bind Prince Verrill to their will, Sinda winds up in a race against time and death itself to get to the royal ball and save him. Just one problem: how can she save a tempting male when her only escape from the manor is to become a bloodthirsty vampire?

A Memorable Moment with Sinda Ella:


My eyes fluttered, arms and legs feeling strangely detached. Mikkhail stood over me.

“Am I...?”

He nodded, extending a hand that no longer felt cold as I rose to a thousand scents. One enchanted above them all. I breathed deeply.

“Blood,” he said. “Yours.”

I glanced down, frock wet with smears of Mikkhail's feed. He reached out, but I passed, drawn to dark energies just ahead. 'Twas still black under the canopy, but my eyes had adjusted. Or changed.

I felt the magic, its power twisted and rife with all manner of unknowable creatures. This was what Mikkhail had felt. What drew him here.

Reaching the barrier's edge, I plunged my hand through...and smiled.

“Going so soon?” Mikkhail grabbed my arm.

I pulled away. “I have royal business to attend.”

He was at my heels. “Such haste...even at the risk of your life.”

I stopped. “I'm not 'alive,' am I?”

“If you wish to be so again, you'd be wise to hear me.”

I wanted my business done, but held silent.

“The enchantment breaks with sunrise,” he said. “You must be indoors―and within the barrier―before then.”

I shrugged. “If not?”

“I'm not certain.”

My brows lifted. “Meaning, perhaps nothing?”

“Meaning, either the bite won't fade in time to save you death by sunlight, or it will―with you outside the barrier.”

Consequence sank my stomach, but not as much as if I were still mortal. “Then I shall return before sunlight.”

I stalked away, leaves crunching underfoot.

“Think the palace will bid you welcome,” he called, “when you arrive torn and bloodied?”

The truth of it burned my cheeks. “Fine.”

With nimble fingers I made to pull the laces of my bodice, but grew angry. With a growl I rent the garment, shrugging it to the woodland floor.


When 'Sinda is Available:
TWISTED FAYRIE TALES now available in ebook or print.

How You Can Get Her Story: Get it in print on Amazon, or in eco-friendly eBook from Eternal Press Publishing
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