Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Wild Dreams Wednesday #6

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Tell Me Your Wildest Dreams!
Every Wednesday I venture away from romantic/erotic fiction writing to interpret your dreams. Have a recurring or puzzling dream? Send it to and I'll try to shed some light on Wild Dreams Wednesday!

This Week's Wildest Dream:

“if I ever have to use a telephone in my dream I can't. It's broken, I press the wrong buttons, I can't find the number I need, I don't have the money, we get cut off, I dial the wrong number - it's infuriating."

Recurring dreams can be very frustrating--especially when they involve unsolvable problems like these rather than being whisked off to a magical castle by Prince Charming!

Not surprisingly, telephones in dreams are typically symbols representing our communication. Either you are having trouble communicating in one or more of your close relationships, or this theme could actually be directed at your writing pursuits.

Do these dreams spring up when you're encountering issues with a story you're working on, or during particularly prolific phases in your writing? Your subconscious may be processing self doubts about your writing--that the words that come out won't properly communicate what you're trying to say, or similarly, that they won't "connect" and strike a strong enough chord with the audience.


Wild Dreams Wednesdays interpretation by romance author/editor Lisa Logan is meant to be used for education and entertainment purposes only. I hope you've found this week's post useful! Stay tuned until next Wednesday, when we again delve deep into our Wildest Dreams. Sleep Tight!

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