Sunday, April 01, 2007

Auras: Not Just for Breakfast Anymore

My publisher challenged all their authors to blog on 26 topics during the month of April, one for each letter of the alphabet. In keeping with my novel VISIONS, I will be doing a series on all things mystical.

With no further ado, here's my installment for the letter "A"...


"You can find her," she'd said, "through her aura."
New Age, here we come. "What do you mean, look for some pulsing neon arrow over her head?"
--Excerpt from VISIONS

In my novel, actor Trenton Dane is instructed to seek out the seductive psychic haunting his dreams by feeling out her aura. Needless to say, he is skeptical of such "New Age" talk, as many of us would be.

But is it "New Age" mysticism? The existence and relevance of auras are found throughout many cultures and spiritual beliefs. In Christianity, for instance, the aura shows up as a pure white or golden "halo" around saintly beings or deity such as Christ. Eastern religions also depict auras as halos in artistic renderings of holy figures.

What is this mystical-sounding entity? Most of us know auras refer to an invisible light around us; some claim to be able to see and "read" auras. Auras are generally thought to be magnetic fields or vibrations surrounding all things--even nonliving things. Rocks, crystals, water, etc have auras, though they are generally unchanging. A living being's aura changes with time and experience. What's more, the color and brightness of one's aura is a key to the type of energy they put out--in terms of personality and character.

This might sound like a load of hogwash, but did you know that scientists are studying this phenomenon and have effectively captured images of auras on film? Using a technique called the Kerlian effect, exciting the electrical field around a being or object produces an electro-photonic glow that can be photographed. Examples of this "Kerlian" photography can be seen at

Okay, so science has discovered auras exist. Who cares? Why is it important?

Since the quality of a person's aura holds hidden clues to the "real" person within, reading these can offer insight into the motives of others. I don't know about you, but I sure could have used the ability to see through someone on one or more occasions in my life. This ability could be especially useful in choosing business and romantic partners, mentors, and spiritual gurus. And the good news is, this ability can be acquired by most anyone through a series of concentration and focus exercises.

If you're interested in learning more about auras and learning to see them, check out these sites:

Good luck!


J Q Rose said...

What a great idea to write about your book with A-Z blogs. You will have to dig down into your creative treasure chest to make it all the way to Z. It'll be fun to follow this. You started out great! Keep it up.