Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Jolt Your Love Life...with Jasmine!

As part of April's A-Z blog challenge on all things mystical, here's the letter J...

In keeping with yesterday's topic of incense and various aromas, today let's talk about Jasmine and it's role in great S-E-X.

That's right! Jasmine is an aphrodisiac...a powerful enhancer for all things lustful and seductive. It's nature's own Love Potion Number 9.

Sound wacky? Consider this...ever smelled night blooming Jasmine? Its heady aroma has been called both romantic and "intoxicating." It's no surprise, then, that it is believed to give a boost to the libido.

How do you harness this power the next time you're setting the stage for seduction? Start off with a few drops in your bathwater, or apply a bit of Jasmine to wrists and behind the ears. (Note--true essential oil is very potent and should be diluted before applying to bare skin.) A drop or two on a light bulb ring diffuser in the bedroom is nice, too. A few drops of oil in a spray bottle of water can mist the room with sensual fragrance.

Dried Jasmine can be placed at the bedside table, or used in a sachet under the pillow. Or, go totally natural: if your bedroom has a sunny or partially sunny exposure, plant some Jasmine outside the window for an explosion of seductive fragrance on those long summer nights.

One word of caution...Jasmine is also associated with the Isis, the Egyptian goddess of magic, fertility, and motherhood!

So well documented is Jasmine's mystical powers of aphrodesia that the herb will make a cameo appearance as a love spell ingredient in my upcoming novel, Immoral Magic. Stay tuned!