Friday, April 06, 2007

Feng Shui for Writers

As part of my April A-Z blog challenge on all things mystical, here's the letter F...

Early in my writing career I was faced with the challenge of turning a tiny corner of my bedroom into an author's haven. While looking for help to tackle the clutter and lack of space, I stumbled across the concept of Feng Shui.

At first, I thought this ancient Chinese practice too mystical to be practical, but a bit of study revealed that its principles have a sound, logical base. Changes as simple and obvious as reducing clutter and applying proper lighting to the area are vital to Feng Shui. Emboldened by the logic, I used simple techniques to regain lost ground and transform chaos into a serene retreat where creative ideas beg to flow.

Feng Shui is the study of the effects of one's environment on various aspects of life, and its practitioners take the adage "Everything in its place" to a whole new level. Everything has a specific placement--even color and decor. The space to be changed is divided into eight sections: Career, Knowledge, Children, Family, Wealth, Fame, Marriage, Health, and Helpful People. This is using a BaGua octagon. has an example of the BaGua. Specific elements and colors in each area enhances the aspect it represents. For instance, candles and bold reds or purples are useful in the writer's Fame area, to boost the vibrant fire of success. Fame and Career areas are also good spots for posting book covers, awards, and other tokens of success. To get money flowing, hang windchimes or place fountains in the Wealth or Career areas. A faceted crystal hung from almost any area can bring positive energy and change as well.

Does it really work? I believe the answer is a resounding yes. When entering the improved workspace, the bold inspiration of color on the walls, soft bubbling chatter of the fountain, and prismatic glitter from chimes and crystals provide an invigorating, yet peaceful place in which to let imagination stream onto paper. Needed work essentials are clutter-free and easy to access. My productivity grew better than ever, and the elusive door to becoming a professionally published author finally opened.

Once I started Feng Shui, I found it hard to stop. The rest of the house soon followed, and years later I still strive to refine and manage its practice, inside and out.

Whether my results are due to mystical forces or my own intention to improve my writing area, I cannot say. Either way, I'm convinced that the ancients had a leg up on managing modern daily living.

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