Monday, April 02, 2007

The Psychic Power of...Bay Leaf??

Part of my April blog series on all things mystical from A-Z, here's today's letter, B...

In my novel VISIONS, Trenton Dane gets a strong jolt from a psychic that jumpstarts his own latent paranormal abilities. But did you know that the secret to pumping up your sixth sense is likely sitting right inside your kitchen cupboard?

Bay laurel leaf has long been lauded for enhancing psychic abilities and dreams. To aid sixth sense anytime, prepare a small sachet to wear around your neck, particularly during meditation or relaxation. This sachet can also be dropped into bathwater for a prophetically enhanced soak. You can increase the psychic effect by burning the leaves.** One easy way to burn bay leaf is to simply drop one or two small leaves inside a burning jar candle. Watch carefully.

Want to increase the likelihood of prophetically-linked dreams? Scatter a few bay leaves under your pillow or make an herbal "pillow." Include a tumbled amethyst stone under your pillow and/or white, purple, and/or silver in your bed linens to enhance the effect.

Bay leaf is also said to ward off negativity when planted around your house, and can be burned to break curses. Some less "mystical" medicinal uses for bay leaf are pain relief, aid for colic and digestion, and to treat sprains or bruises.

For more info on herbs and their "mystical" properties, check out these sites:

**CAUTION before ingesting or burning any herb, be sure to read up carefully to make sure it isn't toxic. "Bay" laurel leaves are the only members of the laurel family that are safe, for example. Also, note that bay leaf when prepared as an essential oil is mildly narcotic. It is also wise to avoid herbal remedies if you are pregnant or nursing, except under the recommendation of a physician.


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