Saturday, April 07, 2007

Need to De-Stress? Wear a Gemstone

As part of my April A-Z blog challenge on all things mysical, here's the letter G...

Ever see a "New Ager" and laugh about the crystals they wear? There's been no lack of jokes about those who see beyond the fashion statement of gemstones as having "rocks for brains." Did you know they are simply using gems as tools? Not such a tough concept, when you consider some of the first tools known to mankind were stones.

As we know from science lessons, gems are formed from pressure in the Earth. Some of the tremendous energies from this process are trapped inside the stone as it is forged. It is that energy that is used as a tool--for healing, divination, or a variety of other purposes. The type of force on varied soils create the characteristics inherent to each gemstone.

That rocks have different "personalities" has been long and widely accepted. Chances are you've heard of birthstones? These are a nod to similarities between the properties of certain gems and certain zodiacal signs.

Here are just a few common stones and some of their properties:

Amethyst--psychic awareness, peaceful sleep, stress relief, meditation aid, truth
Citrine--helps prevent nightmares, aids creativity and productivity
Jade--wealth, wisdom, business
Tiger's Eye--luck, honest, courage, confidence

Gemstones can be either worn as jewelry or carried in order to experience the effects. Pendulums, "wands" for healing, and soaking stones in water (some should not be soaked, like opals) to create gem "elixirs" are other ways to draw out a stone's inherent energy. Please note, some gem elixirs are highly toxic. Do not ingest!

Try this exercise some time: place a tumbled or jewelry gemstone in your hand. Close your eyes, and feel for its unique energy. Does it feel warm or cold? Weighty? Is there a sensation, like the stone is vibrating? Try a few different types of stones, noting the difference in how they feel against your palm. Also, different people react more or less to different kinds of stones. Which one resonates with you most strongly?