Friday, May 08, 2009

Feng Shui Friday: Health

Octagon graphic, Bartett Designs
Every week I take a break from romance/erotic fiction writing and explore simple tricks to bring positive energy to YOUR writing...and life!

This week we'll cover the last zone of a house as defined by Feng Shui...

This week: The Health Area (center)

Flip the above octagon so the Career line lies against the wall where your front door sits. Continuing clockwise around the octagon from last week's Helpful People area discussion, you will see that we've come full circle (or octagonal) back around to the Career zone we started with. We're out of "sides!" But there's one more place in the home where energies abound--the very center. Energies here directly involve the health of those living in the home, so this is a vitally important area.

Find yourself under the weather a bit? Tired, with a lack of vitality? Catch every germ that comes down the pike? Feng shuit is NOT a replacement for proper health care, of course, but changes to this zone may help give your home a health boost.

As with each of the eight sides of the octagon, the same types of issues block helpful chi (chi=natural, life giving energy):
*Poor/no lighting
*Lack of vital purposing (dead or incorrectly apportioned space)

Health Area Fixer-Uppers:

1. Clean it up. Clutter blocks healthy energy from reaching you, and dirt here can represent blights on your health. (And of course, there's the obvious correlation between having a dirty, dusty home and increased rate of illness, fatigue, or allergy). So a solid clean 'n clear here is key!

2. Light it up.
Burned out light bulbs here can have a symbolic effect on energy and health. Replace them immediately. If you lack energy, light the path with bright and cheerful lighting.

3. Dress it up.
Colors here favor yellows and earth tones. Earth is the natural element of the Health area, so plants are especially useful here. Living plants give a scientific health boost as well, by taking up C02 and releasing oxygen, but a good silk plant can give the area a "lift" as well. Good shapes to represent Earth are cubes, squares, and rectangles. (I'll bet you were thinking spheres! But Earth here means solid stability.) Pottery objects work well in this area.

4. Fix it up. The least desirable element in this area is Wood, so if you have wood here either relocate or "cure" it by adding more Earth elements or include all five elements for harmony. If you are using plants in this area, try to avoid plants with spiky/sharp leaves. Sharp points represent daggers piercing/attacking good health.

My Health area falls largely along a main traffic path, not particularly ideal. I've set up this "zone" near the smack middle of the home to emphasize health.

I do tend to use silk plants in numerous areas of the house, but here I use a live plant basket. Small natural stones represent the Earth element as well. A photo of my spouse and I sit here to reap health benefits that will extend onto the rest of the family. These items rest on a large rectangular shelf unit.

I've lived in three different homes since beginning the practice of feng shui, and my Health area has been a work in progress in all of them. Aside from this zone being located in a heavy traffic pattern, our Health area suffers from another problem--the rectangular shelf the pictured items are resting upon is made of wood. Wood is not the ideal choice for this zone, and while the rectangular shape represents Earth, this piece of furniture is the single largest item in the zone and throws things off balance. As we are unable to move or replace it right now, I enacted some cures. First, the use of the live plant rather than silk. Also, I ultimately included all five elements for balance. (Fire--the candles. Metal--the brass candleholder. Water--there are round black items positioned above and below this area, just out of frame.) Finally, I hung a leaded crystal sphere from the ceiling in the exact center of our house, to attract positive, healthy chi.

The results have not improved things as much as I'd like, and I feel we could still use more of a health boost. I'm planning on adding more yellow to this space (there's a small yellow decor sitting in the plant basket). I'm likely considering a yellow fabric cloth to drape over the top of the shelf to subdue the Wood element. If all else fails, I will have to relocate the shelf.

Anything you do to enhance the Health area should be done with focus and intent! Picture yourself (and your family) healthy and strong; envision your body shrugging off illness with ease. There's a lot of power inherent in our own will to succeed--in any task. Don't underestimate it!

Romance writer duties call!! I hope you've enjoyed Feng Shui Friday. Have a creativity tip or dilemma to share? Please post in the comments! Until next time, may you find the magic within that brings good health and cheer!


Helen Ginger said...

Finally! An area that I think I pretty much have down. Yay. The only drawback is keeping it dusted. Dust grows in this house. And the dog draws in all kinds of junk on her legs. Other than that, I like my Health area.


Lisa Logan said...

Great! Well, except the part about the dog junk LOL.