Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Wild Dreams Wednesday #9

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Tell Me Your Wildest Dreams!
Every Wednesday I venture away from romantic/erotic fiction writing to interpret your dreams. Have a recurring or puzzling dream? Send it to and I'll try to shed some light on Wild Dreams Wednesday!

This Week's Wildest Dream:

“What does it mean when you dream of money? I was depositing a check and the ATM wouldn't take it but kept shoving out $$ anyway?"
--NuellePena, Twitter

Not surprisingly, money in our dreams is related to personal value, success and achievement. In this dream, you are getting more in return than you are trying to invest, which could indicate that you've recently experienced successes that have exceeded your expectations, or that seem even more fortunate than you would have thought possible in light of the effort you put toward them. You also may be realizing and appreciating your own value and talents in a new way you hadn't previously felt entitled to.


Wild Dreams Wednesdays interpretation by romance author/editor Lisa Logan is meant to be used for education and entertainment purposes only. I hope you've found this week's post useful! Stay tuned until next Wednesday, when we again delve deep into our Wildest Dreams. Sleep Tight!


Helen Ginger said...

What an interesting interpretation. I wouldn't have thought of that.

Straight From Hel

Lisa Logan said...

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it.