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Mystery Date Monday: Dominique Trudeaux

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Every Monday I'll treat you to a Mystery Date with a character from one of my romantic or erotic fiction novels!
NOTE: The following excerpt contains adult themes.

This Week's Mystery Date:

Who: Joan Collins-wannabe Dominique Trudeaux

What Book She's In: A GRAND SEDUCTION, a tale of contemporary intrigue and mystery

Where She Lives:
Quakertown, PA

Why She's So Fascinating: Dominique Trudeaux is a well groomed, successful divorcee--turning the sour lemons of an ugly breakup into the lemonade of a lucrative investing business. Everything about her is sexy and smooth--from her designer wardrobe to her blood-red fingernails and her Porsche Boxter with MNYDIVA on the license plate. Smooth enough to be the brains behind a contrived seduction scheme designed to spare a best friend from a divorce as financially anemic as her own...but not quite smooth enough to keep from getting trapped in her own web of sex, deception, and murder.

A Memorable Moment with Dominique Trudeaux:

Dominique watched as her friend’s face turn red, eyes bulging at the contents. “What is all this stuff?”

“What the hell does it look like?”

Ridelle’s lip sneered, but a wicked smile lurked beneath. “Sex toys.” She picked up a rainbow colored shaft of studded rubber. “Some really wild ones.”

Dominique threw her head back and laughed. “Right you are. There’s a bit of tramp in all of us, darling.” She leaned over and pawed through the treasure trove before holding up a tube labeled Tasty Twist—butter cream.

The other girl shook her head, her voice pounds lighter than when she’d first walked in. “So what’s your point here? If you can’t beat ‘em, tramp with ‘em?”

“No. It’s that what you’re feeling isn’t betraying a friend. It’s just natural born chemistry.”

“That doesn’t make this all right.”

The woman’s eyes landed on a pair of old handcuffs, a memory alighting in the pit of her stomach. Good times. “You’ve been asked by Fran to help do this. You agreed. Now, you believe that to prove your intentions pure, you should punish yourself by obtaining no sexual pleasure from this whatsoever. Does that about sum this up?”

The girl dropped the bright orange love ring she’d been examining with puzzlement back into the case. “Yeah. Something like that.”

Dominique shook her head. “It can’t work like that, honey. You’re a healthy young woman. Bruce is no George Clooney, but he isn’t exactly Woody Allen, either.”

To visualize her point, she pulled out an eight-inch jelly dildo in bright purple and waggled it at her friend. Ridelle’s eyes shot open and she exploded in laughter. “You’re crazy!”

“He’s a wealthy, distinguished businessman who has an eye for you.” She waggled the dong closer, as if it were a walking Bruce. “Of course that attention is flattering. He wants you. That’s flattering, too.”

Ridelle was scarlet from laughter. “Stop!”

The other’s eyes twinkled mischief as she reached into the case, extracting the cock ring Ridelle had just abandoned. She danced it slowly toward her the dildo hand. “Then here you are, playing an undercover role. A woman of erotic mystery, dressing in sexy clothes and playing the part of seductress. That’s exciting.”

The toys shuffled closer to one another as Dominique went on. “The tension between the two of you grows. The anticipation. Does he really want you? Bad enough to risk anything? Are you truly that desirable?”

The girl’s face had gone purple, and she was holding her sides. The tears now streaming were from gleeful hysterics, not guilt. Yes, I was always quite the holy terror at parties.

“Just when one thinks that’s all the sexual tension two human beings can stand, there’s a final blow.” She waggled the jelly penis and love ring in front of Ridelle’s face to within centimeters of each other, then froze them in place. “Their lust is forbidden.” She strained the dildo and cock ring toward one another, quivering them to elicit another paroxysm of laughter from her friend. “They want, but cannot have. In not having, their want grows. Fires their need until they are consumed. Then, finally, Boom.”

Dominique’s toys jammed together, consummating rubbery passion in a graphic depiction of adultery as her demonstration concluded.

Ridelle wiped tears from her eyes, chest heaving with hiccuping exhaustion. “You are one completely crazy bitch, you know that?”

She tossed the toys inside the box and shrugged. “Whatever it takes to make my point. I was captain of my debate team, you know.”

Laughter subsided into a dull hoot. “Oh, no doubt. With you waggling fake dicks around, the other team probably forgot what they were supposed to be arguing.”

She leaned her left hand on the table, reaching across to Ridelle with the other to brush back a wayward strand of hair. “Please stop slapping yourself around for possessing female hormones. If you get some physical enjoyment out of the deal, don’t treat it as something evil. Use it to your advantage. Use it to get you through what must be done. If nothing else, consider it too small of a reward for what you are doing for Fran in return. Right?”

She nodded.

Dominique shoved the box closer. “Good. Now I want you to take this home.”

Eyebrows shot up. “What? I’m not taking that stuff!”

“I assure you, it’s sanitized for your protection.”

“I don’t need dildos to get me in the mood for this job, remember? That’s the whole problem.”

She shook her head. “Not for that. It’s to remind you of our talk. If you start wavering again, I want you to take out this box and look through it. Remember that you are human, and were cajoled into doing this. The fun part is your silver lining.” Dominique winked at the girl and started to flip the lid shut when something caught her eye.

Digging into the box once more, she came out with an iridescent silver phallus that could readily have borne the logo “Official Dildo of NASA.”

“Not this one, though.” She thumbed on a switch, bringing the space aged device to surprisingly forceful life. “I think we have a date tomorrow.”

When Dominique is Available: A GRAND SEDUCTION is available now.

How You Can Get Her Story: Get it in print from Amazon, or eco-friendly eBook from Fictionwise


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