Thursday, January 05, 2006

My New Year's Non Resolution

Though I've never been big on the concept of the New Year's resolution, I'll admit that this time of year does seem to force enough self reflection for me to have given in to this tradition on a number of occasions. As is the case for many fellow resolvers, I start off with utter dedication, progress to halfhearted boredom, and end with full blown resolution amnesia. This process takes anywhere from three weeks to four months.

So I've decided that this year, while others are vowing to lose that five (or fifty) pounds, be a better person, and earn more money, my resolution would be about not doing anything. My vow of "Non" resolution will hopefully be simpler to achieve than previous years' goals, as it is often easier to do nothing than something. I speak from experience.

Now, this isn't to say that I've decided to shut myself inside a time capsule in suspended animation and emerge victorious (and no doubt stiff and sore) in 2007. Rather, I have compiled a list of things I will NOT be doing this year. For instance, I will not get angry (or possibly vengeful) when cut off on the highway. I will not bother with fad diets that may or may not work--temporarily. I will not be too busy to stop and play with my two-year-old, her teddy bear, and her Lamb Chop puppet. And, I will not worry about people, places, and things that I have no control over anyway.

In 2005 I spun my wheels, putting in nineteen hour days and more to make sure I was doing enough to get ahead, to make up for my medical leave, to make up time and money to people who really couldn't have cared less about my sacrifice. Perhaps this new policy of NOT will prove to be the missing board I need under my wheels to gracefully move ahead, rather than sinking deeper in the mud every time I step on the gas.