Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Visions and Dreams

"With the contract for her first novel signed and safely tucked into the mail, the satisfied writer sits back with a cup of tea (Lipton, brewed in the sun with sugar and a sprig of fresh mint), shoves the keyboard aside to put her feet up, and revels in the wonder of a job well done. After all, she's been working toward this moment for almost a decade--she's earned a rest." Right?

Wrong! Now that Visions is set for publishing, the REAL work of a writer begins. Revisions, edits, cover art, galleys, and, of course, marketing must now commence in earnest. Not to mention that work on the next novel, Twelve Steps to Murder, must get back underway as well. Each part of this process spins another strand of raw silk into the cocoon a writer must step inside in order to emerge an "author."

It's an exciting and busy process that will ensure you won't find me browsing eBay for the best deal on laurels to rest upon! You will find me posting updates on the book's progress as it moves closer to release, stay tuned!