Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Dreams, Trains, and Elevators

Yes, folks, it's elevators again! I received a request to interpret the following dream. Michelle writes:

"I have had 2 dreams here within the past few nights that were similar.The first, I was in an elevator, very common, nothing out of the ordinary. I was on the elevator with a female whom I don't know. We were plummeting down and we were just yelling for the elevator to stop. We began to realize the elevator wasn't going to stop. I just remember the elevator going so fast. Me and the female figure were hugging on tightly to each other. I remember thinking about how all my bones were going to crush as soon as we hit the ground and that I was about to die. Thankfully, I woke up at that moment.

"The second I just had last night was that I was on a train moving very quickly and it seemed like I was going to school on this train. I remember myself and afew other people, were anxious to get off because we were afraid of trains crossing paths and crashing into each other. I remember just being overly anxious about it and wanting to get off so badly because we weregoing to fast. Do these dreams have a connection?"

Indeed they do, Michelle.

As we've seen in a couple of my other blogs, elevators in dreams reflect our progress toward a specific goal. The direction of the elevator is important. In your case, it is headed down--fast. This indicates a feeling of being out of control in some aspect of your life. Perhaps you feel in over your head regarding a career or relationship challenge. Or maybe your emotions are getting the best of you. A descening elevator can also indicate a downard trend or setback in meeting goals, or a tendency to let setbacks and misfortunes get the best of or crush you.

Like elevators, trains represent our journey in life and a need to follow a specific path to achieve important goals in our lives--like career or romantic goals. Dreaming of being on a train can sometimes mean you tend to worry a lot about things that usually work out in the end. Fearing the train was speeding and might crash, for instance, seems to indicate this further. You perhaps worry that a relationship is moving too quickly, or that you're on a course with career or schooling (since that's where you were going) that will derail if you aren't careful.

By looking at every step of our path as a move forward, even when we experience setbacks, and keeping a positive frame of mind with the mantra "I am where I need to be" on endless repeat as needed, we can often diffuse feelings of not meeting goals quickly enough or spinning out of control from where we think we need to be.

I hope this interpretation has been of use, Michelle. Feel free to contact me again if you have further questions.

Anyone else have out of control vehicles or equipment in their dream life? A wild or recurring dream making you wonder why? Email or message me and I'll interpret common dream symbols, free. Until then, may all your wildest dreams come true.