Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Are Death Dreams Predictions?

This week's dream comes from Donna M., whose disturbing nightmare poses a very interesting and common question.

"I had a disturbing dream [...]a few weeks prior to our family celebration of my parents 50th anniversary... My sister-in-law, Donna, called me in the middle of the night to say that he's gone...terrible car accident. My chest pounded. Who I said. Your brother, Tommy.
What the! I yelled. Please call your parents...I can't bare to tell them. Try calling the realtor too to get our security deposit money back...I need it to bury him. I screamed and woke up in a pool of sweat. My husband woke up and asked me what happened. I wouldn't tell him in fear that it would make it true. Couldn't shake the sinking feeling for days. Even called him during the day...which I never do...just to make sure all was okay. ..What's up with this?"

Dreams about a loved one dying can be quite frightening and disturbing, to say the least. Many fear these are some sort of prediction. Good news: death dreams often having nothing to do with physical death.

When we dream of a sibling or other relative dying, this can reflect a couple of different things. Perhaps we perceive a change in the relationship, or that something there has been lost. Or, we perceive that the person possesses qualities we lament not having ourselves. That this dream came before a big family event is not surprising; perhaps anticipation of seeing someone you were close to as a kid in the same setting brought up some feelings of how time changes things.

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Until next time, may your best dreams all come true...

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Shirtless Spouse: Life of the Party??

This week's very interesting dream comes from Trish over on MySpace...thanks Trish!

"My husband and I were at a party. Some unknown couple was celebrating[...] (unknown in as I'd never met them, nor do I know what they were celebrating --you know how dreams are).

Dear hubby was flitting around after the wife like a rutting hound dog on a scent, posturing and posing like a true idiot. When caught, shirtless and "stretching" to show off his physique, he shot me two birds and kept right on primping.

Now, obviously I'd be sure this was telling me Hubby was being less than true, but honestly I'd have no conscious reason to believe that is true --though I did warn him to tell his sleeping self the next time I caught him in any such act he'd be fed to the worms. Any ideas?"


Don't call the lawyer just yet! The key to the whole dream in this case is not your spouse's seedy behavior, but rather the setting.

Parties represent our social setting and groups of friends. When parties are awkward or go badly, it indicates either an uncertainty about social skills or status, OR a need on your part to get out more and enjoy social surroundings (you're "missing out" on the fun).

Your husband's unforgettable cameo can mean different things. From the aspect of the social setting, it could be that someone with status in your circle has skills that get them a leg up in social settings, but you don't approve the methods--OR don't believe you could follow suit and achieve the same results. A feeling of not measuring up, if you will. Alternately, there could be subconscious fears of being abandoned (by friends or by the spouse), or that you feel a lack of attentiveness in your relationship.

I hope that some of these click for you, combining to give you a picture of what this dream was trying to say. Rest assured it is NOT a harbinger warning you not to take your husband to the next soiree! :)

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Sunday, October 07, 2007

Haunted Bathrooms and Other Wonders

Ever dream you "gotta go" or are trying to find a bathroom and can't? Bathroom dreams are very common, and not (always) because our subconscious is tryng to tell us that we "gotta" in real life. Someone shared a intriguing twist on the bathroom theme with me a couple of days ago, and I thought it would make an interesting topic for the blog.

Usually, we dream of toilets that are perhaps dirty, overflowing, or publicly exposed. This person, on the other hand, had a rather unique problem in the Little Dreamer's Room--the toilet was haunted. It moved around the bathroom of its own accord like a fiendish apparition--and half of it disappeared. Intrigued, I hit research mode to piece this puzzle together.

Bathroom dreams tends to relate to the need to express feelings, to literally "relieve" ones' self in the emotional sense. Hauntings, on the other hand, indicate early trauma, repressed feelings/memories, or guilt/fear about things we have done. Disappearance, like seeing half the toilet vanish, can indicate a desire to be rid of something.

In talking to the dreamer, a relative's near fatal illness had prompted a trip to their hometown a week prior, where being around family brought to the surface a great many memories of past anxieties and regrets. Thus, this dream seems to indicate that while this person wished to relieve these powerful feelings, they were unable to do so in that setting.

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