Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Call for Entries: Writing Contest

Here's the skinny on the writing contest I'm helping organize and judge on!

Do you like to write mysteries and/or flash fiction? Enter's Dead Giveaway Flash Fiction contest for a chance to win a cash prize, and have your work published on a popular mystery site!

Tell us your best mystery in 1,000 words or less, but there's a twist! Your story MUST begin with one of the following sentences, each taken from an existing published mystery:

That looks more like human sacrifice than a wedding ceremony.
--(taken from Driven to Death by Carolyn Rose)

He fought for breath, his heart pounding fast.
--(taken from Cock of the Walk by Wendy Laing)

It lay in wait, blazing eyes of amber piercing the inky darkness.
--(taken from A Kink in the Tale by Lisa Logan)

Amelie would never forgive them for murdering Mathieu.
--(taken from Beneath the Morvan Moon by Courtney Mroch)

Contest opens for entries June 15, 2006. Deadline for entries is August 1, 2006. First prize is 1/2 of total entry fees received and the entry published on Honorable mention will also have their story published on the site. Entry fee: $5.

For complete rules, information on our judges, and entry details, visit Good luck!