Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Back in the Saddle & Crackin' the Whip!

Image courtesy of Stock Exchange

After a summer-long break, September blew into a dark, mischievous part of my mind and the writing has again begun. Not just any writing, either. Last night I tapped keys until first light to draft the first in my upcoming series of erotic betime video tales, under the tutelage of a most intriguing and sensual character.

Andre is a vampire unlike any who have paid my muse a call, arriving only partly bidden in my mind as I sat at a very not-busy work yesterday. Into my ear he whispered, explaining in complex layers why a vampire sits alone in a darkened theater and how he can sense, attract, and forge an immortal, sexual union with a woman completely undetected and at her own bidding. Relentless was this dark creature, revealing himself until I couldn't wait to get home and let his tale unfold.

And ah, unfold it did. For those readers who have ever had a fantasy involving a movie theater or a seductive vampire, Immortal Wine has it all and more. After revision and voice acting is complete, this piece will be "immortalized" for a true bedtime delight. Stay tuned!