Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Tuesday Trailers Twofer!

As promised during my week-long Good Book Trailers series, on select Tuesdays I'll be showcasing and reviewing YOUR promotional trailers!

This Week's Promo Trailer, well, it's really TWO trailers, and they're both trailers designed by my joint husband/wife venture, Dragonfyre Entertainment.

The reason I bring these up today is because both trailers have been entered into a book trailer contest over on YOU GOTTA READ VIDEOS! #1 will be featured on their blog today, and #2 tomorrow. Voting for trailers showcased this month will take place between November 21-26.

Trailer 1:

What I Love About This Video:

This was cool to make because of all the action and martial arts in the novel, which is different than the usual romance trailers I've made. My absolute favorite parts of the vid are the music by the awesome Kyoto Connection, and the jump to live action footage via the motorcycle speeding around a curve. The music segues nicely into the shift, too.

Trailer 2:

What I Love About This Video:

The island paradise scenes turned out really cool, I thought, and the music (again by the fab Kyoto Connection) really ratchets things up. I also like the tagline we came up with for this, "Satisfaction Supernaturally Guaranteed."

Want YOUR trailer featured here in a future TUESDAY TRAILERS? Post a link in the comments, or Email me and tell me where to find your trailer. Meanwhile, it's back to the writing desk!